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“It covers everything a widow or widower could go through.”
Donna, Raleigh, NC


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Why churches love Loss of a Spouse

You’ve read the emails for Loss of a Spouse. But maybe you’ve hesitated to offer it. “Our GriefShare group is doing fine on its own. We’re not prepared to handle too many more people.”

We get that.

But watch the video above, and keep reading, because by previewing samples of Loss of a Spouse and hearing feedback from other leaders, you’ll see why so many GriefShare leaders are saying good things about this program.

Take a look at the materials

Review these free samples from Loss of a Spouse

Loss of a Spouse video: Ronett’s story

See how Ronett found strength to go on after her husband's death.


Participant guide


Over 30 short readings on how to live with the grief of widowhood and eventually rebuild one’s life.

Download pages from the participant guide.


Leader’s guide

A step-by-step guidebook on how to run an effective Loss of a Spouse outreach event.

Download pages from the leader's guide.

“There were 13 guests new to GriefShare. Twelve signed up to attend our next GriefShare cycle.”
Bonnie, Beaverton, OR

“Ten people attended. And 9 have signed up for GriefShare.”

Reuben, Harrisonburg, VA

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Still hesitant?

Perhaps you’re thinking ...

“Our current GriefShare group isn’t ready for an influx of newcomers.”

People recover from grief more quickly as they help others. So enlisting your group members to help with a Loss of a Spouse event, even in the smallest of ways, can benefit your current participants.

“If we bring new people into our group, the relationships we’ve already built will suffer.”

Perhaps your group is close-knit, and you worry the dynamics will change with newcomers. But remember—change can be good. Especially when it leads to participants healing and growing closer as they use their grief to help others.

“There aren’t other widows or widowers in our church to invite to this event.”



There are 43 million widowed men and women in the United States. So while there might not be a lot of widowed people in your church, they are out there. And Loss of a Spouse can bring them to you.

When could you offer Loss of a Spouse?

1. Right before your new GriefShare cycle in 2019.

Participants will get a taste of the help found at GriefShare and want to come back!


2. At the end of your current GriefShare cycle.

Loss of a Spouse provides much-needed encouragement to finish the year and be ready to start GriefShare in 2019.


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